Photo of John "jp" Pollard drumming with "Love" on screen behind him
About Funky Uncle Mustard 
Supporting a Simple, Healthy Walk with God
Image of John "jp" Pollard behind drums and screen with the word "Love" behind him
Most people seeking a deeper relationship with God would welcome help. The problem is that many “Christian” organizations and resources have made following Jesus more complicated, burdensome, and judgmental than Jesus ever was. Funky Uncle Mustard is an independent group of artists, musicians, and writers that develops creative resources to support a simple, healthy walk with God. 

The Simplicity of Christ
Today’s Christianity often seems to represent a legalism that Jesus so clearly rejected when he was teaching. When asked for the greatest commandment, Jesus gave two simple thoughts: Love God, love others. While teachers of the then-current Jewish law tried to entrap him in legal arguments, he told his disciples “anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

Keep it Simple
At Funky Uncle Mustard, we believe that the best way to grow closer to God is to simplify.
• Simplify how you see yourself.
• Simplify how you see God.
• Simplify how you pray.

Simply Beautiful Resources
That’s why we are focusing our artistic talents to create beautifully simple resources that help block out the cares of this world (including some of what is called “religion”) and direct your focus to God’s ever presence in your life. Resources include guided prayer programs, scripture set to music, and other encouraging art forms that will help you better realize both who God is, and who you are in God’s light.
Our hope is that you would see yourself more as God does and then shine that love on the world around you, doing your part to make it “on earth as it is in heaven.”